In May this past year we had the honor of performing at the Concerts at the Cabin’s 100th House Concert. Being a part of this monumental event, which also happened to be the 10th anniversary of our first performance at Concerts at the Cabin, which was also our first ever house concert, meant more than we can say. We’ve been lucky to perform at Tim & Tiffany’s place 4 times over those 10 years, where the audience is always warm and enthusiastic and the hosts are gracious and welcoming. I recently came across a little journal entry from the day after that first house concert… click on the “read more” link below to read my thoughts about our experience. Hope you enjoy this mash up of our first set!

“Ok, where do i start? Tim Piazza is a visual artist, audiophile, instrument collector, musician and the “cabin” was an amazingly, eclectically, constructed farmhouse-style home; but simple. Two rooms downstairs; a big kitchen & the living/sitting room. [where the concerts are held]. He has great taste in decor and does everything, creatively (even making the best cup of coffee), yet casually. As a music lover, he knows how to produce an evening and his guests know this. Right off the bat, Rod & I felt comfortable and had a really good feeling about the night (and we were only a little nervous)… “ I did a lot of gushing about his awesome kitchen and would later use his gorgeous island (that he built himself) as inspiration for the kitchen island we built for our first home in Chelsea. “It’s where the food is prepared, the people gather round, the wine (beer for me) is poured (and did i mention that he had Goose Island IPA?) It was gonna be a great night. After getting acquainted, enjoying a tour of his instrument museum and really wonderful meal of pasta & salad, Rod & I retired to the front porch to warm up and remind ourselves how to play a couple songs! Folks began arriving promptly at 7:30. I began to get very nervous promptly at 7:31 (keep in mind this is our first house concert) but everyone was SO NICE! We hung out in the kitchen until close to showtime when I wanted to step away & breath – upstairs there was a landing where some of the instruments hung out… after the show … i wrote these words “We could do nothing but house concerts for the rest of our career!” Tim had 20+ chairs set up in the small room; all the seats were filled. He had special lights just above where were playing and it felt just like a small stage! Tim knows how to do this. The closeness of the audience not withstanding – we felt at ease almost right away. All of it was such an unequaled experience and I fear our standards might have gone through the roof.”

So there’s a bunch more little tidbits about Tim and how talented he is at everything from woodworking to computers to music to the craft of creating a GREAT CUP OF COFFEE!! We felt as though we had made a life-long friend.