Just got finished watching our CD release concert video from The Ark in June and I have to admit, as much as I hate watching myself on screen, it was pretty fun remembering that incredible evening. Jason, Jonesy, Chuck, Whit, Christine and Madcat – all wonderfully talented and what great energy! Wish I could say that it was DVD quality, but alas, it is not. We may grab bits and pieces here and there and post to the website for fun, but mostly we’re gonna have to try again with the video thing.

Got some great news the other day about our new CD and the Folk Radio charts! We’re #11 (out of 100, I think) and “In This Town” the song was #3! What does this mean exactly? Who knows, but its pretty darned cool! I think it means they liked us!

So we’ve got some plans to tour out east in the not-too-distant future but in the meantime, we have some really fun shows in Michigan to attend to. Hope to see you.

Who’s reading this anyway? Are you? hmmm…well…that’s very nice!

xoxo – annie