Okay, okay, we’re way overdue here. There is simply too much to share for this to go quickly and its been hard to find the time to type. We ended our year on an up swing and have managed to keep that feeling going strong pretty much through the dark winter months. Amazing, that! The 4th Annual My Folky Valentine was a big success, lots of new faces in the audience and a couple new faces on stage. Then Rod and I set off for one of our longest trips away in a some time beginning with a show at the legendary Godfrey Daniels opening for Mustard’s Retreat, on to Philly where we were fortunate to appear on Gene Shay’s WXPN radio program then we headed south to Johnson City and on to Memphis for the big Folk Alliance conference! If you know me, you know how much I mostly hate those things, but each year gets a little easier and this was our least painful conference so far. For this, I credit friends; real friends. I’d list them but if I left someone off, I’d die… suffice it to say, we’ve been ridiculously LUCKY to encounter more than our fair share of generous and talented people over the years, many who we are honored to call true friends. So, that’s gonna be our theme for the year 2008 and beyond … GRATITUDE. Anyone who thinks they can do this alone isn’t paying attention. Anyone who doesn’t see how crucial it is to open your eyes, ears and hearts to your peers is missing out on the only real reason to do this!

That’s all for now…!