“It either makes you feel good or it don’t. It all comes down to that.” she said.

She was talking about music. Jazz specifically. But in general, how some ‘critics’ can be so judgmental and opinionated, becoming rather belligerent when one disagrees with their opinion. I’ve also heard it said (by Duke Ellington perhaps? – not that I heard from the Duke himself, but you know what I mean) that there are only two types of music… good or bad. Again, this is a decision that can only be made by the listener. You know, its the ol “One man’s trash…” thing. Let’s face it. It either makes you happy or it doesn’t.

The statement “It either feels good or it doesn’t.” Got me thinking and lately, I’ve been trying to pay attention to this in all areas of my life.  I mean, who can tell why something or someone invokes a reaction – good or bad. And while I have always believed there is a palpable energy emanating from places and people, creating a chemical response and think we should trust that response, it took me a long time to quit fighting the bad ones – constantly putting myself into situations that clearly caused me distress, determined to “get over it”.  Guess what my New Year’s resolution is ? :)

Of course, there are all manner of things that feel good at first…. A bottle of wine with a friend feels good, but the morning after… not so much. A sweet love affair feels good until it goes sour. Having one of the biggest opportunities of your life feels amazing until you realize that it rarely actually changes your life.

If only we could foresee those bad feelings which inevitably follow some good feelings. Over and over again, we forget what happens (or doesn’t happen) next.

So the moral of this spouting? Who the heck knows. We could just concede to enjoy the moment cause we don’t always know what comes next. Lose the expectations, the judgments, the fear. But we also need to learn from our mistakes, listen to our guts and ultimately do what FEELS good.