From St. Louis to Arkansas to Texas and back home

From St. Louis to Arkansas to Texas and back home

We’re on our way back to Michigan full of gratitude for what has been an incredible trip full of memorable experiences.

First we set out for St. Louis where I was at the helm for one last Folk Alliance Region Midwest conference. With endless thanks to all the undaunted volunteers, it turned out to be a smashing success. Read more about that here: We left St. Louis (wondering for more than a few minutes why we weren’t heading home for some much needed rest) and hit the road for Mountain Home, AR to perform for a sweet crowd of music lovers at the UU gathering place – a concert set up by our super talented friend, Kim Richardson, and hosted by a sweet couple – Art & Pam. As we spent the next couple days driving further south to Austin where we visited with Rod’s daughter, son-in-law and grandson (no, that’s not a typo), we were finally able to unwind and recognize the unintended healing properties this trip was starting to reveal.

Texas Star Flower

After a couple of quiet nights in Austin we set off to Houston for our show at Songbird Sanctuary – a wonderful concert series hosted by Tom Yeager who Rod and I met at a number of Folk Alliance conferences. I had hoped to take a detour to Round Top where the Junk Gypsy Warehouse is located only to find out that they won’t be open till Christmas or later. So now, a little ahead of schedule, we spot some cars pulled over just outside of the city at a sparsely populated roadside park near a small bayou. We take a little walk to shake off the road rash and then pull out the banjo and viola to run through the trio of tunes we were planning to spring on the unsuspecting crowd. (Fortunately for us, we were to find that no one was of the traditional ilk so it turned out ok.) (more…)

Lost Voices

Lost Voices

UPDATE – The Concert for Lost Voices was a gem! Three solid hours of music in the round with a fantastic line-up. We were so humbled and honored to be a part of it. There were so many magical and moving moments. Here’s hoping we raised some good money for this incredibly worthy cause. (more…)

March Music

March Music

The throbbing in my head started last Thursday (right about the time I began sorting through receipts and papers for the tax accountant – hmmm… coincidence?) and didn’t stop for 6 days!  (Hey…this is my blog so I’ll cry if I want to) Anyway, thankfully that’s done because better late than never, I’m pleased to have made the long overdue acquaintance of my new best friend, Extra Strength Excedrin.

Another weekend is fast approaching and we’re all geared up for a couple of lovely intimate shows in Howell on Friday and Detroit on Saturday where we’d love to fill the seats. Here’s an incentive – 2 for 1 Annie & Rod Capps CDs – this weekend only!

Besides that, we’ll be taking a little break from trio shows in the area until the big concert at The Ark on June 25 – for which tickets are already on sale at We have big plans and lots of surprises in store for this monumental occasion of my 5th decade (and Jason’s 4th) in this particular human form! The best birthday gift we could receive is your presence at this show!

East Coast with Jason

It’s Friday morning, July 16, 2010. I’m in the back seat of our little Toyota Sienna minivan as we’re traveling down the Taconic Pkwy heading up to Lake Placid from Cold Spring, NY. The winding hills of New York State never cease to blow me away with their beauty.  However, anyone who’s ever been on the Taconic Parkway knows that if my attempt at typing while the car is winding round the curves will be one heck of a feat but I really want to do a brain dump about our tour so far. (more…)

Kerrville Part 1

The magic of technology sometimes really leaves me awestruck. I’m sitting in the passengers seat of a rented Toyota Corolla that is making us feel very grateful for our mini-van. I mean, what kind of modern day vehicle doesn’t come equipped with cruise-control? Still, its nice that our gas savings alone will probably pay for most of the rental. Imagine it would completely pay for it if we had cruise control :-)

So as most of you know, we’re on our way to Kerrville Texas to play our two songs for the judges along with 32 other finalists. One of whom is fellow Michigan artist, Jen Cass, who is a wonderful singer/songwriter! Kerrville has been on our radar for many years and we’re looking forward to finally seeing what all the fuss is about. We promise to report back next month, but if you want more timely updates join us on Facebook or twitter.


In the car on the way up to Manistee I sit in the back seat listening to Rod and Jason talk “shop”. How lucky am I to have such talent beside me. We’ve had the good fortune of playing in a trio with Jason Dennie who does the mandolin fine and also does a little singing. Then they break into a hysterical laughter over a certain South Park episode involving … well … I just can’t say it. Boys. Its a good thing they can play.