Reviews and Photos and Videos, oh my!

Reviews and Photos and Videos, oh my!

Photos by Robin Scully

It’s been three months since our last Cappsule post and I guess that’s an indication as to how busy we’ve been. Between travel, day jobs, lots of performances and all the work that has gone into promoting this new little CD of ours, we’ve barely had a moment to ponder stuff. Coming up here in a short week, we’ll be boasting about the premiere of our new video for (That Would Do) Some Good. You can grab a sneak peak here (if you’re one of the few who drop by and read these little updates) and some of you social media users may have already seen it. We sure do appreciate the kind feedback. And speaking of that, we’ve had a couple nice reviews from a blogger or two that you can read on our Reviews & Quotes page.  We’ve also had some really great radio play both here in the states and abroad thanks to our promoters, Kari Estrin and Geraint & Deb Jones at GPromo. We’ve also been working with Art Menius Media who has helped us gain some nice exposure here in the U.S. including both an album and video premiere on

Album Premiere:!

Video Premiere:

Now we wait! (Or not…)

Now we wait! (Or not…)

So what’s up with this new CD? You still have it as a Pre-sale on your website. Didn’t you just have a CD release concert? Can I get a copy now? Is it available on itunes or spotify?

Geez… so many questions. So here’s the short answer. Yes and No.

Yes, you can buy a copy here.

We have them in hand and will gladly mail you a copy. Digital download will be available here shortly. But the usual major online retailers won’t be selling the full album just yet.

And here’s why. We’re embarking on a major publicity and radio push coming up here in September and October in hopes of reaching a much wider audience. The OFFICIAL release date is September 6. From now until then we’re working with a couple of well-respected publicity professionals (Art Menius Consulting and Geraint Jones of will be putting “When They Fall” into the hands of dozens of major media outlets throughout the U.S., UK, Ireland and Europe in hopes of garnering some nice reviews and radio spins.

Then in September our radio promoter, Kari Estrin ( will be dropping this CD to hundreds of Folk and Americana radio DJs around the world.

Some pre-release tracks have been leaked to a few local stations and media, but in order to maximize the impact, we hold off with the national distribution until that September.

So what can you do? Well, if you don’t already have the CD and want a copy you can always order one from us. If you’re a digital music person, we’d love it if you reserved a copy in advance from itunes/apple music or amazon. That looks good for us. The title track is available for download now and if you buy that one song, they’ll deduct the .99 from the cost of the full record when the time comes.

At some point in the near future we may ask for your help requesting our music on your local station, playing it on Spotify and spreading the word.

We’re so grateful for all the local and regional support we’ve received so far and can’t wait to hear what the rest of world has to say about “When They Fall”.

Now we wait! (Or not…)

The new CD “When They Fall” is here!!!

It’s here!!!! We’re over the moon to have this recording finished and in our hands. A collection of songs that were waiting for the right project to find a home. This was it, we think. There are songs that were written over 10 years ago and performed only once or twice over that time, like “Beautiful Scarecrow” and “Happy New Year”. Some not at all “Build the Fire” and “Myths and Miracles”. Not because we didn’t like them, but sometimes a song fades off our radar in favor of others we like to play more often. Many are more recent and written with this project in mind, like the title track “When They Fall” and “(That would do) Some Good”, “While it Lasted” and “Poor Old Me”. 

February, WTF Pre Sale & other cool things.

February, WTF Pre Sale & other cool things.

February is nearly over and while there’s still plenty of snow on the ground our spring fever is primed and ready to kick in. The thin layer of ice dripping off the trees even resembles little buds that might be showing up in a month or so. Hard to say with our fickle Midwest weather. As usual, I’m writing this from my office staring out the window. There isn’t much happening out there save for a few squirrels in their heavy winter coats, digging in the snow for the stray morsel littered by the unusually large population of birds that are wintering in our back yard. I’ve seen blue jays, chickadees and nuthatches, tufted titmouses (or is it titmice?) and robins all attacking the feeders at regular intervals throughout the day. Even when the polar vortex was upon us. Must be all that flying around keeping them warm.

We had a great run of shows so far this year and most all of them have been sharing the stage with friends. Kicking off with the annual Yellow Room Gang show at The Ark is always a favorite, we’ve had a few Diamonds in the Rust shows despite Jan’s unfortunate shoulder injury she rallied and the concerts were super fun. Rod and I swapped songs with our talented pal, Joel Palmer at Zou Zou’s Cafe right here in our home town. I (Annie) got to share some songs in the round with Mark Jewett, Amy Petty and Sam Corbin for the third time!  And let’s not forget our annual My Folky Valentine show. It was the 15th year for this lovefest and we featured Anne Heaton & Frank Marotta, Jr, Dave Boutette & Kristi Davis and Escaping Pavement. Wow!! And if that isn’t enough, I got to top off the month playing a couple songs for the Songwriters Anonymous Showcase to benefit the Trinity House Theatre featuring Gary Browe, Hugh Fader, Dan Hazlett, Karidia, Marty Kohn, Phil McMillion, Jerry Price, Jere Stormer, and Linden Thoburn. I was lucky enough to have the multi-talented Sharon Tse join me on percussion for my two songs! She rocked it!! So grateful for the opportunity to play with such wonderful songwriters and musicians.

Coming down the pick we’re a little light on performances but working furiously to finish our new CD. 

Have we mentioned that we’re making a new CD? We’re about 75% done with the recording and the homestretch is always the longest it seems. It is not our intention to bombard you with requests for contributions to a fan-funding campaign but we do have a few nifty opportunities to help us reach the finish line.

One of the coolest things we’re doing is a special limited edition companion CD of cover songs. This will include many of the covers we’ve been performing at our shows over the years along with a couple new ones you probably haven’t heard us perform yet. You can get a free copy of this CD along with “When They Fall” for just $35. Even cooler, we’ll be recording this in front of a live audience at Big Sky Studio in Ann Arbor. Seating is limited to a small number so if you’re interested we recommend jumping on that now. Most importantly, we really want you to have this CD and Presales will help as much as anything.=

Check out all the options by clicking the button below.

The WTF Sessions Have Begun

The WTF Sessions Have Begun

Not what you’re thinking. WTF = When They Fall. That’s the title (at least for now) of our new CD that we’ve finally started recording! Interestingly enough, without any intention or planning, we’ve realized that every album of ours has a three word title. Not So Sure (NSS), One Big Show (OBS), In This Town (ITT), My Blue Garden (MBG), Searching for Neverland (SFN) and now When They Fall (WTF). Go figure. =) 

This project is exciting for so many reasons. Not only do we get to keep working with our beloved and exceptionally talented band-mates, Jason Dennie and Ozzie Andrews, but we’ve also once again commission the phenomenal drummer/percussionist, Mike Shimmin (the olllam, Joshua Davis, May Erlewine, Madcat’s Midnight Blues Journey and so many more). We’re once again recording with master engineer, Geoff Michael at Big Sky Recording where most of our albums were done. We loved working with Geoff on Searching for Neverland and knew he could deliver the goods on this one too. For Neverland” we worked hard to capture as close to a ‘live’ sound as possible. For this album, we’re heading down a much different path. WTF is all about doing things we may NOT be able to capture live. Each of us will play multiple instruments (yep, there will be banjo), there will be several guest singers and other stuff we haven’t figured out yet. All we know for sure is that we want a sonic feast for your ears with lush arrangements all serving the songs. And speaking of the songs… you’ve heard some of them many times and you’ve heard a few of them once or twice if you’ve been coming to shows regularly over the years and at least one or two you’ve probably never heard (save for a few of you songwriters who come to Monday night Song Salon). Final list is still to be determined. But to answer the most FAQ, yes “This Little Apple” will be on the CD. A new recording of it with a few new names in the requiem verse. 

At this time, we have no plans to use a crowd-funding service like Kickstarter or Indie Go Go but watch for details about how you can help us pay for this endeavor by pre-ordering a signed copy and taking advantage of some other premium deals.