"How Can I Say This"

The new solo project from Annie Capps

Reckoning with choices + relationships that shape who we become

THRILLED to report that we successfully funded the ambitious Kickstarter campaign! With enormous gratitude to all who contributed. As soon as I clear it with them, those names will appear here at the top of this page. =)

Fear not, though. If you missed out on the Kickstarter, you can pre-order here and also get in on some of the perks we were offering.

Let’s see. How can I say this?

Right now, that’s the question in the front of my mind while trying to find the words to ask you to support my project. As a songwriter, it’s also a frequent question that comes up during the process. How can I say this better? How can I say this differently? And as a human interacting with other humans, it feels like a question I’ve been asking all my life. How can I say the hard things? How can I say what I’m feeling? How can I say my truth? How can I say “no”?

I know I’m not alone, though sometimes it may have felt that way.

With “How Can I Say This”, I believe I’ve finally found a way to say some of those hard things.

If you’re meeting me for the first time, my name is Annie Capps and I’m a singer songwriter from Chelsea, Michigan. Many may know me for my work with the Folk Alliance Region Midwest (aka FARM) but I’m probably best known for a long performing career with my partner in life and music, Rod Capps. Together we’ve released 8 studio recordings of mostly original material and we will most surely continue to make more together. 

But not this one.

Like many performing artists, the forced isolation of the pandemic provided the opportunity for reflection and a bit of soul-searching. I am blessed with a mighty batch of songwriting angels who encourage and inspire me to write in a more deliberate way rather than waiting for the muse, who was often very coy with me.

The songs that started bubbling up found me excavating in the way back times of my life. They represent a reckoning of sorts, a closer look into painful memories that didn’t feel safe to explore.

I am constantly reminded that vulnerability is a super-power. Vulnerability is the dominant theme running through the album. The songs explore topics of shame, learning, forgiveness, grief, self-discovery, and strength. Collectively, they represent a love letter to my younger self. And maybe yours too? I truly hope with all my heart that you’ll hear yourself in one or many of these songs.

These songs showed up right when they were supposed to and I couldn’t be more proud of the way they’ve come to life, thanks to an extraordinary community of nearly 40 women who joined me on this journey.

I’m honored to feature Sav Buist and Katie Larson (The Accidentals), Annie Bacon, Jamie Baker, Robin Lee Berry, Jenny Bienemann, Dizzy Burnett, Edie Carey, Louise Mosrie Coombe, Sue Demel & Deb Lader (Sons of the Never Wrong), Kitty Donohoe, Tracy Grammer, Maggie Heeren, Anne Heaton, Lara Herscovitch, Judy Insley, Jan Krist, Carolyn Koebel (AnDro), Audra Kubat, Catherine Miles (Miles & Mafale), CJ Milroy (The Milroys), Diane Perry, Heather Pierson, Cheryl Prashker (Runa), Christine Schinker, Emily Slomovits, Suzie Vinnick, Telisha Williams (Wild Ponies), Erin Zindle (The Ragbirds), and many more who, along with a few of the aforementioned, joined the “Crowded” chorus including Judy Banker, Ruth Bloomquist, Jennifer Buehrer, Lauren Crane, Kristi Davis, Allison Downey, Sue Fink, Sue Gillis, Mallory Graham, Sophia Hanifi, Jill Jack, Amy Petty, Linden Thoburn, Sharon Tse, Kathy Wieland, and more …

When I look at the list I still get choked up. They are my heroes – all admirable in their own artistic worlds. Their voices and instruments were magically captured in their homes or local studio from California to Toronto, then delivered to me in Michigan, where they were expertly mixed at La Luna Recording & Sound in Kalamazoo, Michigan – first by Cynthea Kelley who got the mix off to a great start then fully materializing under the artistry of Maggie Heeren.

“How Can I Say This” The album is almost done. It will be released one way or another.

So why do I need this money?

Well, from the incredible musicians who deserve more than I could pay them, down to the rising cost of postage to mail them out, expenses are significant. I also believe so deeply in these songs that I want to give them every chance to be heard far and wide, which means hiring promoters and publicists. These days, video is one of the best vehicles for getting the music in people’s ears. Doing that right takes time and money.

It’s a hard thing to ask for help to fund my passion. My chosen path = my responsibility. That said, I believe the art we make benefits and enriches others’ lives in ways we may never truly know. It’s always been hard for independent artists to earn a living and the pandemic really put a hurt on our ability to make any money at it. In an age when people consume music for free and CD sales are non-existent, more than ever we are forced to lean on the generosity of die-hard music fans to allow us to continue creating. We do this for you as much as for ourselves.

So, if you feel inspired to support my project, I’m offering a few perks that I hope will make it worth your while. If these benefits don’t speak to you, feel free to pitch another idea to me.

I’m just so friggin’ grateful.

Some of the Kickstarter Perks

  • Digitial Download of album (everyone gets this)
  • Autographed CD ($25)
  • Limited Edition “Folk Therapy” T-Shirt ($50 +)
  • Complete Capps back Catalogue ($75+)
  • Seat at “Behind the Songs” Zoom event ($100+)
  • Hand-lettered lyric booklet ($125+)
  • One-on-One Session (songwriting, banjo, guitar, graphic design, or a topic of your choosing) ($250+)
  • House Concerts (starting at $750)

Radio promotion by Kari Estrin
Email: kari@kariestrin.com
Web: https://kariestrin.com

G Promo PR: gpromo@btinternet.com
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Request preview copy by email to publicity@anniecapps.com

“The lyrical brilliance of Annie Capps is on full display with this collection of tender, emotionally resonant, and absorbing songs. They are so personal, and yet they feel like they’re my stories too, because she finds the universal in the exquisite detail and holds it in her hand for us to admire or investigate together.”

Annie Bacon

Singer + Songwriter, @theAnnieBacon

“Of all the songs written to a Haiku Milieu, “How can I say this” is one of my very favorites. It’s fun to sing while distilling a complex situation to its emotional center with grace and dignity for all involved, even the listener. Quite a feat.”

Jenny Bienemann

Singer + Songwriter + Poet , Haiku Milieu + Jenny Bienemann Music

“I’ve known and admired Annie Capps for years, and this is an inspiring deep dive into some dark corners that some are too fearful to go. Annie is brave, and as a result, this project is beautifully vulnerable and connected. I’m honored to be a part of it!”

Telisha Williams

Singer + Songwriter + Bassist, Wild Ponies

“Annie Capps makes music that is half magic, half love. Her voice sparkles and invites us in to each song. Each track is a surprise of conversation, thoughtful discovery, and warmly crafted prose. I am grateful that her writing is in the world, her songs are in my heart, and her voice is here to guide us.”

Sue Demel

Singer + Songwriter, Sons of the Never Wrong

“A major force in the midwest folk/roots music community as a songwriter/performer, but also as a mentor and support to fellow music creators, Annie Capps has been playing her signature melodic and lyrically powerful songs to packed rooms for years. This new solo project throws the door wide open to Annie’s singular artistic vision. With poignant, powerful lyrics and vocals, lush instrumental and harmony arrangements, and a pull-no-punches message that is both deeply personal and universal, Annie takes us on a compelling journey of emotional spaces that are familiar to many and yet often unspoken.”

Judy Banker

Singer + Songwriter