img_3726Its so easy to get caught up in how many people show up, how many CDs you sell, how much money you make, how many Facebook Likes you get, how many photos get posted, how many comments on the photos and the list goes on… yep. I’m guilty. But as we make our way down the last stretch of I94 toward Chelsea, after 3 nights in as many states, I’m choosing to focus on the tremendous generosity of a few kind souls who were willing to host this unknown trio of music makers from Michigan, on those who gave us a place to rest our head, a couple beers and a stage on which to play our songs. It would be so easy to complain about the aches and pains and stress from hours on the highway in crazy traffic and lousy road food but I’m choosing to focus on the hours of laughs and conversation, not to mention entertainment courtesy of the incredibly talented Jason Dennie who gives so much of his energy to us despite the fact that he’s worth much more than we can ever pay him.

We were fortunate this past weekend to share our music with kindred spirits who felt like lifelong friends, though we’d only just met. We gathered with people who spend their lives in service of others, growing things, nurturing young people and creating community in their beautiful parts of the world. People who transcend political and religious convictions, opening their homes and hearts to imperfect strangers like us. Folks who were gracious enough to make us feel like we had made their day a little better (and we do hope that’s true) but we know it was the other way around. 

As my amazing husband reaches back to caress my leg (Jason is riding shotgun and I’m in the back behind Rod) I’m reminded what a charmed life I have. No, we didn’t make a ton of money, and the combined total attendance of all three shows could fit in a small local venue, but we can’t put a price on the experience, the joy of traveling to new towns and singing our songs to people who appreciate what we do. Here’s hoping we get to do it again, and again and again.

With special nods to Charlie Crider, Melissa Kane Crider, Bob Whitten, Adam Ouderkirk, John Gilmore, Alys Caviness-Gober, Claire Lea, and everyone who lent us an ear. We are so grateful.