Last night we turned on the porch light and there he was … a visitor from the swamp … the tiniest little frog … too small to make out any detail.  I imagined he was peering up at us out of the corner of his eye.  The bubble over his head said “Uh oh! Perhaps if I remain perfectly still they won’t notice me” all the while looking around for the nearest hiding place.  Then I heard them … just above the gleeful clanging of our wedding chimes wildly dancing in the wind … but they were there … if ever so faintly … off in the distance … PEEPERS!

G.A.S. stands for Great American Song and Joel Palmer is one of the best interpreters around these here parts. He’s been encouraging us to find our inner swing over the years and forced the issue with these wonderful “In The Round” style concert events. Rod and I will join Joel and 2 other featured artists for a different kind of evening where we reach back to our parent’s roots and put on a little Ritz. This weekend, March 19, we share the stage with Detroit Music Award winner and all-round fabulous musician, Tracy Kash Thomas and Michael Krieger, a gentleman I don’t know much about but from what I hear, he’s quite the crooner and a terrific musician himself.  Should be an excellent time at Unity Coffee House in Livonia. See our Calendar page for address and details.

We wanted to share a few things. Some of you may remember last year around this time when we asked you to vote for our song “Honey, Sugar, Baby, Mine” and thanks to you it was included on the Alternate Root’s Valentines Sampler! Well, on a whim, we submitted another song this year. One of my personal favorites “The Ring” from In This Town is in the running and if you wanted to vote for it, we’d be so pleased. Vote daily as often as you want from now till Feb 4th.  HERE! CLICK HERE! PLEASE!

And if that ain’t asking too much, it turns out that winning some kind of popularity contest might be the only way to get booked for the Top of the Park at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. Not sure how I feel about that but I’m willing to humble myself and ask you to help us get the gig. Only if you’re so inclined – Click here – Voting ends January 31.

Looking ahead at the calendar for the next month or so we’ve only got a handful of trio shows on the schedule. We’re taking an intentional breather to do some writing for our next album.

If you drop in this Saturday at the Comfy Couch concerts, not only will you get to hear a couple new songs, but you’ll get to hear Jason Dennie AND Drew Howard playing on them!!  You’ve already heard what Drew can do on our songs if you’ve heard any of My Blue Garden, so you already know it’s top shelf stuff.  Buy tickets in advance here:

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