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[000007]It was this very time last year, sitting in the tiny living room of the townhouse at which we landed in early 2013 after an abrupt, radical and painful change in our life, when we decided to make another change – this time for the better. Don’t get me wrong, the townhouse was a perfect place for us to do what we had to do … get rid of, let go of, purge, both material and emotional crap that was cluttering up our lives. It just wasn’t a home. So as I was sifting through boxes and boxes of really old photographs – the kind taken with a crappy Instamatic camera by a not-so-great photographer (me) that you had to pay to get developed and of course why wouldn’t you want TWO of each in case the crappy photo of the person in the photo might actually want a copy?? Please. And I realize that not everyone would agree with me, but why would I hold onto this photo of that guy I dated for like a second? Seriously. It was unbelievably cleansing to say good-bye to them.

Anyway, I said to Rod, “I can’t spend another summer here”. Continue reading

It’s a rainy Saturday morning in March. Perfect weather for working on a new song … unless of course, you have a strange obsession with fonts. Rod came home the other day and said, “have you heard of this Google Fonts thing? Apparently its . . . (trailing off)”  I didn’t hear anything after “fonts” – I was already typing “google fonts” into my search window.  Michigan Radio’s Saturday morning programming is keeping me entertained while I figure this font thing out. Will get back to work on the song after “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” is over. (Note: if you’re looking at this website in IE, you won’t see the cool new fonts. Don’t know why, yet).

Now about that video!

We spent an off night at the Trinity House Theatre with my nephew, Andy, behind a really nice camera while we played a few songs. Got our hands on new video editing software and voila! We’re excited to share a couple of the initial practice results. Looking forward to sharing more in the near future!

“Love is all you need”, “Love makes the world go round” and yes, “Love hurts”

It’s quite possible that you’ll hear a love song or two at the 8th annual My Folky Valentine show, like you would at most any concert you attend. HOWEVER, this concert is not just for lovers. We celebrate the couples on stage – the way their love of music brought them together and the way their love of each other infuses itself into their music. But you don’t have to be a couple to appreciate what is always a magical time. Visit the calendar page for all the details.

The rest of the month you’ll find us on the road traveling through southern Indiana and southern Illinois then on to Tennessee. For those of you bound to southern Michigan, there is much going on. Two things of note are The Ark’s Annual Storytelling Festival (Feb 18/19) where the lovely Allison Downey will be performing; and our pal Dave Boutette will be guest-hosting Empty Chair Night at the Trinity House on Feb 19th.

Now, about this LOVE thing…

Continue reading

“It either makes you feel good or it don’t. It all comes down to that.” she said.

She was talking about music. Jazz specifically. But in general, how some ‘critics’ can be so judgmental and opinionated, becoming rather belligerent when one disagrees with their opinion. Continue reading

A sweet friend recently sent a card in which he shared a sentiment from an old preacher who said “Be kind to everyone, because one way or another everyone is having a tough time” It was a sympathy card.  Yes, I know everyone experiences loss throughout their lives and we’ve certainly had our share this year. Maybe more than some. Who knows. Should we compare? “I’ll see your 3 losses and raise you 2”.  Loss comes in many forms; people, pets, jobs, homes, faith, friendships, marriage and so on. We all deal with it in our own way and, with a great measure of futility, we struggle to understand the inexplicable. But, hey, we’re the lucky ones. Right? I mean, we’re still here … walking this earth and able to decide to be. My mom said something to me the other day  … “would you rather be a human ‘being’ or a human ‘doing’?” Sometimes I want to just BE. Sometimes, I find myself DOing when I want to just BE. Sometimes we have a choice. Sometimes we don’t. Do the leaves have a choice when they’re hanging on for dear life and out of nowhere Mother Nature exhales her voluminous north wind? The cycle of Life, for as long as we’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to have it, always includes death. The process by which we rarely get to choose. And whether that’s the end of the cycle or not … well … just ask the leaves.

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