Pinckney, Findlay, Noblesville & Chicago

My Folky Valentine - The Ark 2014 - Photo by Fred Ellert

My Folky Valentine – The Ark 2014 – Photo by Fred Ellert

We’ve been known to go for long stretches of time without the pleasure of performing with this amazing musician you all know as Jason Dennie and now we have FIVE shows coming up! Friday, March 14 at the White Steeple Stage in Pinckney, MI. (This is the rescheduled concert from Feb 1). Saturday, March 15, Coffee Amici in Findlay, OH. Saturday, March 29, Logan Street Sanctuary in Noblesville, IN, March 30, House Concert in Chicago and March 31, Oak Park Library in Oak Park IL.

(and some how in between all that we’ll be renovating a kitchen)

and the snow hasn’t given up yet …

IMG_0419IMG_0457Fortunately for us we got to escape for 10 glorious days mixing performances with some much need vacation down south. It started warming up the minute we crossed the Ohio border into Kentucky and we woke up in Knoxville to sunshine and 45 degrees! Thanks to all the folks at Blue Plate Special on WDBX, to Elaine Mahon and the folks at Sandhill Stage in Gainesville (70′s and sunshine), to the always gracious and lovely Tracy Grammer along with Ray Lewis and the generous audience at the Mudville Room in Jacksonville (80′s and sunny) and finally to all our new friends at the Trent River Coffee Company and Down East Folk Arts Society in New Bern, NC (60′s – still sunny). What a great trip! Wish we could have brought some of that warmth back with us but good things are afoot here in Michigan and we can feel the spring trying desperately to spring!

We would be remiss if we didn’t put a big shout out to the most awesome Wild Ponies (Doug & Telisha Williams and Jake Winebrenner) and our favorite band mate, Jason Dennie for helping to make this 10th My Folky Valentine Concert truly special. The Laws got stranded south of the weather but we only feel a little bit sorry for them cause at least they were warm!