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neverland-cover-draftQuick update to all who have already bought our new CD “Searching for Neverland” or are considering the pre-sale option below. EVERYONE who pre-buys this new album will get an advance link to download the entire album as soon as we have our final mastered copy in our eager little hands – around the middle of April. That’s easily two weeks before the physical copies arrive.

We’re also going to sign and personalize each copy (if you bought more than one, we’ll personalize one and just sign the rest).

Something else to consider – music makes a great gift.

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Searching for Neverland – PRESALE!

Listen to the mash-up sneak peak here:

We’ve been in the recording studio – Big Sky Recording (engineer Geoff Michael) – hard at work on the new CD “Searching for Neverland” and honestly we just can’t wait to get it in your hands. That said, as you probably know, making a CD costs money and we can definitely use a little help. So, if you’re interested in our music and feel pretty sure that you’ll want this CD (or know others who might) all we’re asking is that you consider making your purchase a little early. We WILL get this CD done no matter what, but every PRE-SALE will make a difference.

This CD is going to be filled with songs you’ve been hearing us perform over the past few years, some re-workings of a few songs from our Take Me To The Fair EP (which was a limited edition and is now out of print) as well as a few newer songs you may have heard if you’ve been to a show recently!

Once again we are taking advantage of the amazingly gifted, Jason Dennie, who has been contributing his essential skills on both mandolin and harmony vocals. In addition, we’ve got the super talented Dan “Ozzie” Andrews on bass, two crazy good drummers, Pete Siers and Mike Shimmin made some incredibly creative noise and Drew Howard adds his awesome pedal steel and dobro on a few tunes.

You’ve got a couple of pres-sale options. If you want to pick up the CD at our CD Release Concert on May 29 at The Ark, or any concert after that, we’re asking just $15.00. If you prefer to get your CD in the mail as soon as we receive them (est. late April – early May), we’re asking $20. EVERYONE who buys an advance copy gets a FREE digital download as soon as the album is finished sometime in the middle of April.

1. Order by Mail (Download the form here)

2. Order by Paypal (you don’t need a paypal account to do this)

Purchase Options

The only thing we have to say now is THANK YOU! So very, very much.

What a year!

December 2014
[000007]It was this very time last year, sitting in the tiny living room of the townhouse at which we landed in early 2013 after an abrupt, radical and painful change in our life, when we decided to make another change – this time for the better. Don’t get me wrong, the townhouse was a perfect place for us to do what we had to do … get rid of, let go of, purge, both material and emotional crap that was cluttering up our lives. It just wasn’t a home. So as I was sifting through boxes and boxes of really old photographs – the kind taken with a crappy Instamatic camera by a not-so-great photographer (me) that you had to pay to get developed and of course why wouldn’t you want TWO of each in case the crappy photo of the person in the photo might actually want a copy?? Please. And I realize that not everyone would agree with me, but why would I hold onto this photo of that guy I dated for like a second? Seriously. It was unbelievably cleansing to say good-bye to them.

Anyway, I said to Rod, “I can’t spend another summer here”. Continue reading

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