Thanks to Mike Ball and his Lost Voices organization, I have had the privilege of spending a week (on more than one occasion) adding music and sometimes melody to the powerful words of the phenomenal girls at Vista Maria who, at ages ranging from 12 – 17, have survived the kind of trauma we could never imagine or understand.  There’s really no way for me to explain the impact these young women have on me both in their bravery and gentleness. This blog post on the Lost Voices website is beautifully written by singer/songwriter and board member, Sharon Tse. You’ll be glad you read it.

Two Minutes That Can Change All Our Lives


The thing is, I don’t look good in hats. I’ve tried. Maybe I just haven’t found the right one. So in my case, the metaphor works better with shoes … I love shoes. Well boots more than shoes. Not crazy about sneakers or athletic shoes, although I do have a pair. My feet happen to be naked at present – the universal footwear. Later, I’ll slip on a pair of boots Continue reading

This time of year is always rife with emotions from blissfully happy to supremely sad, and everything in between. Rod and I have been talking a lot about time and how we want to spend what’s left of ours. Not PLANNING on going anywhere but with so many friends leaving us far too soon, the urgent ticking of the clock has us contemplating how we’re spending our time. Joyfully, comes to mind.

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We’ve been performing our new song “This Little Apple” since January and recorded it back in March with the intention of dropping it with some sort of fanfare but really, we just want to get it out there. So by popular request you can stream the recording here or click to download the hifi mp3.

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Click to Download This_Little_Apple_by Annie & Rod Capps (c)2017

June was one of those months where every show exceeded our expectations (and not just because we’ve learned that it’s best not to have any). Packed with amazing musical experiences, we just kept pinching ourselves when we looked around the stage at the incredible talent with whom we have the honor and pure joy of making music. It all started with our big 10th Anniversary Celebration of “In This Town” at The Ark on June 2nd, with our killer band members Jason Dennie, Ozzie Andrews and Mike Shimmin; followed by the wonderful Noreast’r Festival, followed by a glorious time at Above the Bridge Songwriter’s Weekend where we got to be on staff with John Latini, Jamie-Sue Seal, Pat Bergesen and Sigrid Christiansen. the following weekend it was back up north with members of the Yellow Room Gang: Mustard’s Retreat and Matt Watroba, for a handful of memorable shows at stunning venues. The month ended with a surprisingly special night at the Grass Lake High School gymnasium playing for a bunch of enthusiastic music loving cyclists (P.A.L.M. – Pedal Across Lower Michigan) and the big finish was our debut performance of our exciting new band Diamonds in the Rust. This band features two members of the Yellow Room Gang, Jan Krist & Jim Bizer along with Alan Finkbeiner. We are truly overflowing with gratitude and promise to elaborate more on a future blog post.

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