horns4theholidaysWhat is Horns for the Holidays? Horns for the Holidays is a grass roots organization founded in 1996 by Ken Kozora that connects used instruments with children who might not otherwise be able to afford an instrument of their own. How do we do this? YOUR HELP!  Please donate your used musical instrument, encourage others to donate, and spread the word! Horns for the Holidays has been collecting under-used musical instruments from the community and giving back to the kids who need and want them for over 10 years.

Where? You ask? Well, the Chelsea Alehouse for one! and When? Well… how about this weekend?? The Alehouse will be celebrating a full weekend of music to kick off the Horns for the Holidays used musical instrument drive, with Creole Du Nord on Friday, Dec 2nd and we’ll be there on Saturday, Dec 3rd!

So dig out that trumpet collecting dust in the basement or old ukulele or penny whistle or…. ALL instruments are accepted!


We are SO happy to be returning to one of our favorite venues, Salt of the Earth in Fennville, Michigan. It’s not only a phenomenal restaurant with a fabulous philosophy of locally grown food and drinks but its owned by a fabulous musician (Mark Schrock) who appreciates the vibe of a great concert setting. We’ll be dusting off some of those songs we only play a few times a year at this time of the year and maybe dropping in some new ones. RESERVATIONS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!! Call 269-561-SALT

On a personal note, this has been a year filled with unexpected losses both public and personal but even though part of me will be glad to bid 2016 good-bye, another part of me will remember all the beautiful people and places we’ve been fortunate to experience, all the music we’ve had the privilege of sharing, all the hugs and smiles that landed at just the right time and the hopefulness that even in these challenging times, we can’t shake for the life of us. If we don’t have the chance to tell you in person, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and hope that you’ll be surrounded by love, laughter (and comfort when you need it).

img_3726Its so easy to get caught up in how many people show up, how many CDs you sell, how much money you make, how many Facebook Likes you get, how many photos get posted, how many comments on the photos and the list goes on… yep. I’m guilty. But as we make our way down the last stretch of I94 toward Chelsea, after 3 nights in as many states, I’m choosing to focus on the tremendous generosity of a few kind souls who were willing to host this unknown trio of music makers from Michigan, Continue reading

Photo by Jennifer Guerra of Michigan Radio

It was an extreme privilege to once again work with the young ladies at Vista Maria in Dearborn Heights along side Mike Ball and Kitty Donohoe. Thanks to this wonderful organization called Lost Voices founded and run by Mike Ball, we were able to spend a week helping these girls (who have survived a kind of horror most of us could never imagine) express themselves in poetry and songs. They are at Vista Maria getting treatment and care while they await transition to a more permanent home (if not their own). Michigan Radio’s Jennifer Guerra spent a day with us and came back for the big show at the end of the week. Her report is here: http://stateofopportunity.michiganradio.org/post/music-class-helps-foster-youth-find-their-voice

Earlier in the month, I had the pleasure of talking with Mark Helpsmeet of Northern Spirit Radio about some of our songs and other things. It was such a treat and he is a wonderful interviewer. You can listen to the whole thing here: http://northernspiritradio.org/episode/blue-garden-midwest-urban-folk. Would love it if you felt like adding a comment on the podcast page or at least give it a rating. (Side note: A fan emailed me that she accidentally clicked on the two stars so there we sit until enough of you click on more stars!!)

Super jazzed to present this video Charlie Steen filmed of us on July 9, 2016! Stay tuned for more from the concert inside the Chelsea Depot, but this is the only one we shot outside by the tracks. Just for fun!! Featuring the amazing Jason Dennie on Mando and vocals and Ozzie Andrews on bass!

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