Sweet Smell of September

Does September have a smell? Sure it does. Whether its sweet or not is probably a matter of perspective. I’m not buying this “end of summer” chatter. Mostly cause it feels like we didn’t really have a summer but its still 80 degrees outside and the leaves haven’t started turning yet so, there. August was about the busiest month on record for us. Not a single weekend off (yay!) and packed with truly memorable experiences. The streak continues this month – for the first part of it anyway. So excited to be returning to this superbly run venue in Noblesville, IN. We’d be so happy if you shared this info with your friends in the Indy area.


Then we rush back home to join the line-up at this new wonder located in our fair town of Ann Arbor! Check out the tasty homegrown awesomeness! Click the image for all the details!


Sunday is a double-whammy as we start out the night singing with Jill Jack and a boatload of amazing women. Such an honor. Words fail. Watch the video.

Then its off to the Trinity House Theatre for Empty Chair Night starring the charming and gifted, Joel Palmer and featuring the lovely Jo Serrapere.


Less than a week later, we’ll be back at Trinity House Theatre performing a full night of our own music with Jason Dennie AND Dan “Ozzie” Andrews on bass. This is one of our favorite places to play anywhere and its always a blast for us – which generally means its a blast for the audience, too.

We just uploaded a bunch of videos from our last Trinity House show back in June 2012. Here’s a song you probably won’t hear at this show. More to come ;)

Oh and The Rough & Tumble will open the show! Check out their really cool website = http://theroughandtumble.com/

Then a little break begins as we jump in the car for a little camping trip to Asheville, North Carolina! Can’t wait!!

Finally, we’re finishing off the month on September 28 at The Yellow Barn in Ann Arbor. Judy Banker has organized this lovely collection of musicians to help keep this wonderful venue alive in extremely difficult times. Read more here – http://www.ouryellowbarn.com/ai1ec_event/yellow-barn-benefit/?instance_id=17399


Why We Love June

June 1 – We get to share the stage with Jay Stielstra & Judy Banker, Laith al Saadi and Vienna Teng at THE ARK – This is a benefit concert for the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, an organization well worth supporting.


June 13-15 – We’re returning for our 10th year to perform at the Nor’east’r Music and Arts Festival in Mio. The line-up is packed with good friends and great artists!

June 20 – ANNUAL BIRTHDAY SHOW for Jason and Annie. This year’s show will be held at Johnny’s Speakeasy. You’ll want to get there as early as you can. It’s simply not possible to have anything but a great time at Johnny’s!


June 26-29: Above the Bridge Songwriters Weekend – now in its 6th year, this inspiring weekend is packed with … well … inspiration for both budding and experienced songwriters. Kelly and Bud Chamberlinn, proprietors of Chamberlinn’s ole Forest Inn, call this their favorite weekend of the year. In addition to a few workshops presented by your 2014 staff, there’s lots of free writing time, open mic, jamming, song critiques, one-on-one time with staff. We’re so happy to be returning and to make things even better….

June 29/30 … to finish off the month we get to stick around and play some more music at Chamberlinn’s whilst enjoying some much needed R&R.

and THAT’s why we love June!